Vh1 Mob Wives: Financial Planning with Karen Gravano

I met with Karen Gravano, from Vh1’s Mob Wives, to discuss her financial goals. She brought the cameras along, and as a result a portion of our meeting can be seen in this clip.

Financial Goals & Setting Boundaries

One of Karen’s main issues is related to the fact that her daughter’s father is living rent-free in a home she owns. Having boundaries with family members and close friends is difficult for many people, especially when it comes to money. I see this type of misguided generosity on a regular basis.

Sometimes learning to say no is what’s best for your financial situation. And perhaps surprisingly, it often strengthens relationships as well. It’s that whole “give-a-man-a-fish-he-eats-for-a-day-teach-a-man-to-fish-he-eats-for-a-lifetime” kinda thing.

DISCLAIMER: Video content property of Vh1 Mob Wives. This video is not being used to make money in any way and is for entertainment and leisure purposes only. This is an act of “Fair Use” as described by the US Copyright Office.

[Clip from Vh1 Mob Wives Season 3, Episode 3]


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