Fox Business  |  October 14, 2011

Many couples run into some sort of financial trouble during their marriage. For those that work through it together, their marriage can end up stronger in the long run.

It’s important to figure out a way to communicate about money that doesn’t make the situation even more stressful. Setting aside specific times to talk about money is very helpful. As is committing to avoid discussing it until the agreed upon time. Talking about money in the heat of the moment often leads to arguments and added stress.

One of the benefits of learning to work through financial troubles together, is that your communication skills will likely improve in other areas as well.

“It’s easier to talk about money when it’s on the agenda,” says Lauren Lyons Cole. “Otherwise, couples tend to either avoid the topic altogether or talk about it at inopportune moments.”

When two people become better at open and empathetic money discussions, says Cole, “they’re likely to find their communication skills in other areas will improve as well.”



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