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Money Makeover
Carrie Sloan for LearnVest  |  August-October, 2011

Over the course of just 8-weeks, six women made impressive changes to their financial situation. There’s certainly something to be said for (1) access to a financial expert, (2) public accountability and (3) having other people to support and inspire you along the way.

Make More Money
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It’s easy to use the excuse “I’m on vacation!” as a reason to spend when you know you shouldn’t (on an expensive meal, indulgent spa treatment, or souvenir that will end up collecting dust on a shelf), but the most important thing is to have a travel budget. (more…)

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Setting up and living by a budget ensures you have the opportunity to take advantage of all things fun in life. For me, that means travel. LearnVest’s guidelines say that all miscellaneous spending (in my book: leisure & fun) should account for only 8% of your budget. But, personal finance is ultimately that: personal. It’s okay to rearrange some of the wedges of your personal pie chart, as long as you never exceed your total income. (more…)