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Hanging out with friends almost always involves spending money–whether it’s grabbing dinner or drinks, seeing a movie, or a weekend shopping trip. When you’re on a tight budget, those activities can really add up. If you have a group of friends that regularly spends outside of your comfort zone, the pressure to keep up can be a little overwhelming.

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best cheap eats new york

Trying to save money on food in New York City can seem like an uphill battle. Almost every client I work with has a monthly dining budget in the 4-figures. The occasional splurge can be a luxury worth experiencing, but it should be just that: an occasional splurge. Given the fact that New Yorkers are hardly ever home and social time happens at a restaurant or bar, choosing an affordable spot without sacrificing quality can be a challenge. Here are my top picks for the best cheap eats in New York City. (more…)

How to Budget: Tips for Helping Your Child Learn to Budget

Learning how to budget is no simple task. It takes quite a bit of trial and error to find a budgeting approach that works for you. If you are a parent, helping your child learn how to budget is one of the best gifts you can give them. Let them make small mistakes now to avoid making big mistakes later. (more…)

Holiday Shopping Tips
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It’s easy to use the excuse “I’m on vacation!” as a reason to spend when you know you shouldn’t (on an expensive meal, indulgent spa treatment, or souvenir that will end up collecting dust on a shelf), but the most important thing is to have a travel budget. (more…)

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Setting up and living by a budget ensures you have the opportunity to take advantage of all things fun in life. For me, that means travel. LearnVest’s guidelines say that all miscellaneous spending (in my book: leisure & fun) should account for only 8% of your budget. But, personal finance is ultimately that: personal. It’s okay to rearrange some of the wedges of your personal pie chart, as long as you never exceed your total income. (more…)

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You might already pay your bills online, and maybe you even use tools like or to track your expenses. But what about the other items on your financial to-do list? Inexpensive and easy to use, these innovative online tools will allow you to take control of your basic financial planning needs.