U.S. News: Money Tips for Women

U.S. News | January 30, 2014

Women get a bad rap when it comes to money management, but overall women are very good with their personal finances. Single women do face unique challenges when it comes to managing their money. Below are some of my money tips for women. Read the entire article at U.S. News.

Money Tips for Women (From the article):

Lauren Lyons Cole, a certified financial planner in New York City, says women shouldn’t be afraid to negotiate their salaries. “I’ve definitely seen single women who hesitate to negotiate, but if you don’t negotiate, that’s going to have an impact on earnings for the rest of your career.”

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Cole says many female clients seek out her advice when they’re planning to buy real estate. A few of her clients have even bought and flipped properties for a profit. “They’re more excited about real estate and more comfortable with it than they are with the stock market,” she says.

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Depending on the client’s income and situation, Cole suggests maxing out an employer-sponsored retirement account before supplementing with an individual retirement account. “Even if they’re not completely comfortable with investments, we can focus on retirement savings,” she says.