Financial Education: Seminars & Workshops

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Why should financial education be boring?

Financial seminars and workshops should be engaging. Attendees should feel comfortable, and there should be laughter. Most importantly, everyone should leave inspired, with a list of actionable items that they can immediately implement to improve their financial lives.

Financial literacy is rarely taught in schools, and very few of us learn about money while growing up. That lack of education means even the smartest and most successful people are often confused when it comes to their personal finances. As a result, financial wellness programs are gaining in popularity, especially as an employee benefit.

For your next event, choose from one of my various financial education presentations, or we can work together to create a custom workshop. Whether it’s a small group or a large auditorium, I’ve got you covered.

Important: My financial seminars and workshops are completely unbiased and objective. I do not sell any products and I am not affiliated with any financial institution. All information I present is always in the best interest of the attendees.

Please contact me for more details or scheduling requests.

Change the Way You Think About Money

Between past mistakes and future concerns, balancing competing financial priorities can seem like a daunting task. This seminar will help you identify and develop a manageable plan to reach your financial goals and set yourself up for long-term success. Whether you want to pay off debt, save for retirement or cut back on living expenses, learn the tools you need to take control of your finances once and for all.

Investing for Retirement Made Easy

From 401(k)s to IRAs to choosing investments, retirement can definitely seem complicated. But with a few easy to follow tips, your accounts will be a lot easier to manage. Learn the basics of investing, including which account is right for you, how to pick the best investments for your goals and how to minimize fees and taxes in the long run.

Past events include presentations for the following organizations:
Massachusetts Conference for Women      Harvard University      City Harvest       Time Warner Cable   Urban Girl Squad   Royal Neighbors Foundation  Habitat for Humanity

Other Financial Seminar Topics to Consider:

Want something a bit more challenging or specific than just the basics? Choose from one of the topics below to dive deeper on the money issue that matters most to you. All of my presentations can be customized to fit your audience. Please contact me for more details or scheduling requests.

  • How to Do More With Less
    Cutting back shouldn’t mean sacrificing quality of life. Find out how to reduce expenses where need be while still enjoying yourself.
  • Love and Money: The No-Stress Approach
    Money is a main source of stress in many relationships, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Combining finances with your significant other can be—and should be—just as fun as sharing a bottle of wine.
  • Get Out of Debt
    Whether it’s student loans, credit cards or any other kind of debt, the best way to tackle it is to come up with a strategy that will actually work.
  • Career Advancement
    From networking to negotiating, learn everything you need to know to get ahead and create your dream career.
  • Help! I’m Self-Employed
    The rules of money are slightly different for freelancers and business owners, as well as those who aspire to start their own business. Make sure you understand the ins and outs of benefits, retirement and unreliable income.

Thanks to Urban Girl Squad and Lauren Lyons Cole for an informative, eye-opening, and only slightly terrifying evening. And when I’m sitting in the living room of the amazing apartment/house I’ve just closed on, surrounded by piles of designer purses and running shoes, with a solid emergency fund in the bank, eating 16 Handles every day guilt-free, it will all be worth it.
– Elizabeth, New York City